We accompany the peoples

Campaigns: We promote
indigenous empowerment

alterNativa promotes the empowerment of indigenous peoples as actors in their social organization systems, with their own structures and procedures with full legitimacy.

In the current context, of growing globalization, the indigenous social movement has increasingly considered the importance of audiovisual communication as a key and indispensable strategy for denunciation and resistance, and as a political-strategic tool for the defense of life .

We accompany indigenous peoples through communication campaigns and political advocacy, and bring indigenous cinema closer to the local and global level.

Indigenous cinema

alterNativa brings people’s own narratives and visions closer together through IndiFest, the Barcelona Indigenous Film Festival, and MiradaNativa, the platform specialized in indigenous cinema.

Both initiatives are a voice of indigenous peoples, promoted by alterNativa and the Latin American Film and Communication Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples ( CLACPI ).

Mirada Nativa offers a wide online catalog of indigenous films, with free access and international reach. IndiFest has established itself as a place of indigenous reference in Barcelona, to convey to different audiences the reality of indigenous peoples through its own cinema, together with activities throughout the city and other Catalan localities, which count on the presence of representatives of indigenous communities.


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